Times have changed.
So have your customers.

In the modern era of ubiquitous access to information and technology, customers want options. The more diverse the customer base, the more diverse the options it demands. That's why DivDat clients offer customer service solutions to meet any customer demand — anywhere technology finds them — from traditional print and mail, to the latest e-bill technology.

DivDat’s Bill Payment Center serves today's growing unbanked and under-banked population, offering an offline customer the same ease and convenience of the online transaction that banked customers have come to rely on and trust.

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Your customers demand options.
We help you provide them.

The DivDat Bill Payment Center offers offline customers more of the self-service options they increasingly demand, alleviates the workload of the payment center staff, and gives utility providers more ways to get paid.

The convenience of choice allows customers to pay their utility bills whenever and wherever they already live, work, shop and play. Now you can give every customer every preference they might demand — anywhere technology finds them — online, on paper, and now... even on the go! But the DivDat approach is about much more than Bill Payment Centers — it is the beginning of the customer service model of the future. And it all starts with you.

Build trust internally.
Gain momentum externally.

There’s no place to start like home. We’ve found with other utility providers that, in order for you to gain momentum and adoption externally, you must first establish understanding and secure buy-in internally. DivDat will guide you through the entire process, which begins by establishing your team of champions: customer service, IT, treasury, and executive management.

We’ll show you how to install the first Bill Payment Center in your own corporate headquarters, which facilitates personnel training, nurtures company-wide buy-in, and allows you to “soft-launch” the program visibly to your own people first. Once you’ve established that internal trust and support, you’re ready to take the program to the next level, with the full support and understanding of your internal ambassadors at your back! Now, let’s roll it out.

Escalate convenience.
Increase efficiency.

Now that you have successfully implemented an internal rollout, it is time to expand theDIVDAT Bill Payment Centers to your local payment service centers. By strategically placing kiosks in your local payment centers, you free consumers from potentially long lines and inefficient wait times. Even offline customers are tech-savvy enough to want and understand a digital experience. Why not give it to them? We’ll work with you to train your customer service representatives, so they can train the customers on how to use the kiosk. (But if they’ve ever used an ATM, they already know how!) Customers are served quicker, you’ve given them more options, and now your customer service representatives are disencumbered to focus on more mission-critical and profit-generating customer service activities.

By this time, you will have validated the service model, and you’ve more than justified the investment. So it’s time to take it to the streets!

Meet your customer on the nearest street corner.
Get paid faster.

It’s time to take service to the customer…where they already live, work, shop and play!

Partnering with local retail chains, convenience stores, pharmacies and grocery stores, the DivDat Bill Payment Center expands beyond the utility's satellite payment center to give the customer on the go even greater access to more options. As a result, the community implementation and rollout program breeds customer appreciation, recognition and satisfaction. Our continuing success with retail partners has allowed us to create a customer-centric solution whether they are online or on an errand. Your branded Bill Payment Center fits nicely and conveniently right next to the ATM and the RedBox at the local pharmacy or grocery store. 

DivDat identifies the retail partners, coordinates the implementation program, and even partners with you and the retailer to promote the product! Best of all, before long, your retail partners are reporting increased foot traffic, higher sales, and other billers want to be part of the system you’ve already established, giving you an opportunity to monetize your footprint and offset an investment that’s already generated tangible returns! Video: Rite Aid Ready to take service, literally, to the next level? Let’s get started!

Consider DivDat your customer service partner, working with you to implement and expand the customer service model of the future.  We’re not looking for kiosk customers — we’re looking for utility providers that want to team with us and local retailers in your community to successfully implement a community-wide program that gives your customers the freedom and convenience they demand (and expect).

Having successfully implemented programs like this already, DivDat is uniquely poised to shepherd the entire process:

  • Hardware And Software Implementation And Support
  • Data Management And Integration
  • Retail Partner Identification, Vetting, Coordination And Liaise
  • Internal Rollout And Staff Training
  • Marketing And Publicity To Support External Rollout
  • Ongoing Support, Guidance And Strategic Direction

In short, we never disengage.

The first step is the beginning of an ongoing partnership that should last years — a first step that begins with an email or phone call from you:

We look forward to working with you!